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Excessive calcium causes bone damage and threatens heart health

This study can be shocking to many, which is that increasing the proportion of calcium in the body causes significant damage to the bones and multiple health of the heart and arteries, as proven by many studies and recent scientific research.
Although calcium is very beneficial to bones and contributes to strengthening and building muscles, excessive causes adverse results and damage the bones significantly. Therefore, recent scientific studies have warned to reduce the intake of dairy products rich in high calcium such as eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt. She warned against taking calcium supplements in the form of pills and tablets continuously because they pose a greater risk to the heart and cause coronary atherosclerosis and blockage of blood vessels.

A British study conducted under the direction of Dr. "Mark Boland" was published in the British Medical Journal and carried by the German site "Focus" and the title that the increase in calcium may cause bone damage and it is not as useful as some believe

This is a very strange surprise for many because they believe that increasing calcium may help strengthen bone and muscle structure and prevent osteoporosis. But after 59 tests by New Zealander Dr. Mark Boland, some 14,000 participants were tested for excess calcium in their bones

After the results emerged, this British study proved that bones can only benefit a maximum of only 1.8% whatever the amount of calcium intake. Excess calcium may weaken bones and affect them negatively

 - Excessive and excessive calcium in the body can cause osteoporosis and muscles and also cause osteoporosis and weakening of the bones, leading to breakage and atrophy. After the researchers pointed out that increased calcium in the body may hinder the process of absorption of vitamin D, a very important bone. Calcium also controls thyroid hormone and calcitonin, which is released from the thyroid gland, and all of these hormones can greatly benefit bones

Numerous recent scientific studies have revealed that too many calcium-rich supplements may endanger heart health. One of the most prominent of these studies is an American study conducted at the "Emory University of America" ​​under the supervision of professor of cardiology "Leslie Shaw" with the participation of ten thousand people over 15 years

They discovered that there were too much calcium in the arteries, which had accumulated at very long intervals. This is compared to people who do not have high calcium in the body. This American study warned not to take calcium pills too much because their effect is more than eating sources containing calcium

Another recent US study at Johns Hopkins University said that people who take calcium pills, or calcium-rich supplements, may expose them to a build-up of harmful plaque in their arteries, which may make them more likely to have sudden heart attacks

Researchers warned against excessive calcium supplements but could get it from dietary sources in certain proportions such as dairy products, leafy vegetables and juices. "Accumulation of calcium deposits in the arteries leads to blood flow in them