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8 natural sources of vitamin E for your beauty

natural sources of vitamin E

One of the most healthy and beneficial vitamins your body needs is vitamin E because it has many anti-disease properties that protect the body and skin from any problem

 Vitamin E is found in many food sources and many foods such as vegetables, fruits, and oils. Vitamin E gives many health benefits to the body. Protects the body from cancer, especially breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also improves visual performance, prevents eye infections, fights joint and bone pain, prevents Alzheimer's disease and dementia, strengthens and activates memory

Nuts are a popular source of vitamin E, which provides the body with energy and vitality and gives the skin beauty and freshness


 It also promotes cardiovascular health. Vitamin E is found in the best nuts, almonds. You can take it in the form of almond milk, use almond oil in kitchen recipes, or eat and include it in foods. One kilo of almonds contains 14 milligrams of vitamin E, as well as hazelnut contains a large proportion of vitamin E, which is 20 milligrams of it and you can eat it by drinking hazelnut milk in coffee

Broccoli is one of the most prominent vegetables that contain vitamin E, reaching 4% of the daily requirement of vitamin E for the body

 You can eat it in delicious salad dishes and broccoli soup as it feels full stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger and broccoli preserves the arteries and improves blood circulation. It also maintains the health of the nervous system by containing a large amount of potassium, which improves brain function and repair skin infections due to prolonged exposure to the sun because it contains glucuravian

Avocado fruit is one of the most vitamin E-containing foods, which is classified as one of the most delicious and tasty fruits


One of the most beneficial botanical foods for the health of the human body. It contains 2.1 milligrams of vitamin E.It protects the body from heart disease, controls blood pressure, promotes eye health, reduces the risk of strokes, prevents cancer and skincare. You can eat it and get the source of vitamin E through an avocado salad, avocado cake, sauce and seasoned

Sunflower seeds and sunflower oil are the most vitamin E-rich foods. They contain 7.4 milligrams of it and few calories

Sunflower seeds

 It provides the body with energy and protects the skin from harmful sunlight and reduces joint and muscle pain and osteoporosis. It is also rich in sterols that reduce the risk of breast cancer. It also gives you a feeling of satiety and curbs appetite as it contains proteins and dietary fiber, and its oil treats skin and skin infections