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Weight loss diet and healthy eating recipes are easy and without deprivation

Weight loss diet - We all want to wear whatever they want without wearing certain clothes, but when we bump into reality we find it difficult to achieve because of the excess weight that is often a nuisance to us, so we decided to share this theme today Weight Loss and Fat Loss Diet, this system will help you lose 10 kilos in just two weeks without depriving yourself of anything. We will offer you a unique system that combines both exercise and healthy diet.

Weight Loss Diet
We will start eating breakfast. During this meal, we will try to start the day with a healthy start to give the body the necessary nutrients to help it become stronger. We will clarify more than one meal to choose from while following the diet. We will start with a number of choices for breakfast Such as:
  1. Eat apple slices with a few pieces of brown bread and a teaspoon of nutritious peanut butter, rich in healthy fats.
  2. Oatmeal can also be eaten with yogurt, bananas and peanut butter for healthy breakfast.
  3. You can also eat a boiled egg or fried with a loaf of brown bread rich in whole grain with the addition of a small slice of smoked turkey or chicken breasts, and a quantity of vegetable salad.
  4. For lovers of toasted bread you can take a slice of it with egg fried in olive oil with a glass of strawberry juice.
  5. For lovers of frozen pancakes you are allowed to eat two pancakes with a spoon of honey and two slices of turkey with banana slices.
  6. You can change and drink a glass of yogurt with a glass of peach and a glass of orange juice.
  7. You can also eat yogurt with pieces of peaches, honey and bananas and consider that dairy products are creamy, whether yogurt or yogurt.

  • Eat two turkey slices with avocado slices, a slice of red meat, a piece of brown bread and green salad.
  • On another day you can eat a large plate of green salad containing celery, lettuce, watercress, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes with slices of brown bread a few slices of boiled or grilled chicken with a note that it is free of skin at the level where the skin is more part in the chicks Contains fat as fruit can be added to the fruit such as peaches.
  • It is preferable to devote some days to seafood because of the healthy fats that benefit the body and give it what is needed from elements that are not present in other types of meat and this day can eat shrimp with brown bread and a large salad dish with different types of vegetables.
  • It also allows to eat pasta but not in large quantities with the addition of lots of vegetables.
  • For pastry lovers you can eat this weight loss diet where only one slice of pizzas can be eaten with a green salad dish.
  • In this diet you can eat tuna with olive oil - the benefits of healthy olive oil are numerous and not just weight loss - onions, vinegar, tortilla bread and apple fruit.
  • Spinach can be taken as a luncheon in this weightless diet supplemented with sliced ??grilled chicks and preferably with a small dish of grated carrots and spoons of sauce.