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Tips for keeping your child healthy at home

The mother is the one who deals with the child all the time. She is the one who suffers the pain and the pain, and she has to watch the child when playing at home to keep his health against accidents and injuries.

We offer you some tips to keep your child safe at home:
Make sure you do not leave any stagnant water in the bathtub or large pots, nor leave your child unattended in the bathtub even for a short while.
- Do not allow your child to eat food and drink in pots and cups are broken such as glass.
- Check the validity of the food, whether ready or prepared at home, and immediately get rid of all the spoiled foods when you know it, and not left at home so as not to take your child.
- Make electrical connections and devices out of the reach of your child as much as possible, with constant caution to get close to the electrical connections when used.
- All surfaces, especially ceramics and marble, should be kept dry, so that the child does not fall into a rigid object.
- Keep the pieces of furniture that can be climbed away from windows and balconies, as children are always looking up and looking down, which could endanger their lives.
- Hazardous substances such as household detergents, paint thinners, cleaning liquids, pesticides and medicines should be kept closed. Children always think that every liquid is placed in a drinkable bottle. 

How to maintain the health of children
Good and healthy nutrition For the infant, the mother must always take care to breastfeed her child. Children between two years of age and older should eat milk on a daily basis and all dairy products that help him to form his bones, because of calcium and great benefits for the child.

Teach your son to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them, as well as wash your hands before and after eating.

If you notice that the child is suffering from a pain that does not neglect it, make sure to do the necessary tests, and go to the doctor to check on the health of the child. Avoid giving medicine to a large child this weakens immunity and damage the organs of the body. Oud your son to sleep early, sleep in which the health and comfort of the child.

Do not leave your child alone at home. Unexpected disasters can occur and the child is hurt.

The child must wear appropriate clothing for the weather, heavy clothing in the cold so as not to be exposed to flu, flu or cold, and light clothing somewhat in the hula prefer, to be exposed to direct sunlight, so as not to be subjected to sunstrokes and diseases. You should teach your child how to take care of his teeth, and use a putty to prevent decay.

Do not allow your child to sit in front of the TV or the computer screen for long because it has many consequences of eye strain, autism, television or computer becomes his world and can not integrate with anyone.

Do not let your child eat out-of-home or out-of-home food, as this can lead to illness.

Do not smoke in front of the child so as not to inhale smoke and have crises in his chest or other diseases. The baby should eat all nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates and fluids.