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Losing belly very quickly through a healthy diet is easy to implement

Many people suffer from the problem of extra weight, especially the abdomen and buttocks, as with weight gain fat starts accumulation in these areas, and a study by researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, that to be effective food to lose excess weight , Should contain fewer calories than those burned by the body, in other words, the lower the calories in food, the higher the rate of weight loss.

Healthy eating habits help reduce belly
  • Eat slowly and make sure you chew the food well, it is known that eating this way reduces the amount of food consumed, and therefore the number of calories less.
  • Avoid anxiety and stress during eating, this leads to eating more food unconsciously.
  • Make breakfast and lunch your basic meals every day, and dinner, try not to eat, or reduce what you eat, enough cup of yogurt or salad or fruit fruit.
  • Do not skip or forget healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day, as it provides the body with the energy it needs throughout the day.
  • Try to drink a glass or two cups of water before eating, as it gives a feeling of fullness, and helps reduce the amount of food eaten.

Benefits of balanced diet in abdominal slimming
Eat calories from different sources in a balanced way, as it is not permissible to focus only on the intake of calories in proteins and fat for weight loss, what some think. It is best to balance the various sources of calories when you eat them, so you can enjoy a healthy diet suitable for weight loss, preferably the source ratios are as follows: carbohydrate 55 to 75%, protein by 10 to 15%, healthy fats by 15 to 30%. The benefits of balanced food are:
  1. Helps greatly in the reduction of the abdomen and reduce the rumen and reduce the buttocks, where the body takes its needs required proportions and a low proportion of fat.
  2. Does not lead to a defect in the representation of food, which occurs sometimes, especially in the case of lack of food or carbohydrates.
  3. This food can be eaten for long periods of time, without any adverse effects. Conversely, integrated dieting can help prevent many diseases, such as heart disease and blockage of the arteries.
  4. The effect of healthy balanced food is more sustainable.

Important tips help to reduce belly
  • Choose foods that are low in energy, ie, foods that supply the body at a lower rate, such as vegetables and fruits, as they are useful in all slimming methods. Foods that contain higher calorie intake can be classified into two groups, such as olive oil and oils Dried nuts and dried apricots, and unhealthy ones, such as pasta, chocolate, fries, etc., should be avoided.
  • A healthy breakfast that protects against dandruff, and light breakfast is enhanced. A study by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Madrid, Spain, found that people who do not eat or eat breakfast are more likely to be overweight and overweight.
  • Choose foods that are saturated with food fibers and retain water, which increases the volume of fiber in the stomach and gives the person a sense of satiety and lack of hunger. The foods that give this feeling are vegetables, seaweed, sweet potatoes and some fruits such as cherries. The benefits of many cherries not only for weight loss, but also contains many health benefits.