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The end result that can be advised now is that in cases of diabetes should inform the patient that sugar remains sugar, whether sugar table or sugar brown or honey or other, where the patient should know the total sugars and carbohydrates, Of honey on carbohydrates and calories more than a tablespoon of sugar table. In general, honey is not considered a key to eating more sugars, so should be used moderately, and can benefit the diabetic from the fact that honey sweeter than table sugar, which can From eating less to To get the same sweetness, but the difference is not big enough also to allow the use of sweets or drinks made using honey freely. However, scientific research has found positive results and multiple benefits given by honey for diabetics

Each teaspoon of honey contains 20 calories, just like a white sugar spoon, but the difference lies in the benefits. Sugar is harmful, honey has health benefits and a 25 percent greater sugar content makes people put a smaller amount From it to desalination. So honey is better calorie hand and better for diabetics. Honey contains vitamins, especially vitamin B-B, important minerals of the body and antioxidants.

Types of honey
Specialist Crystal says that there are different types and colors of honey, which makes people confused in choosing the best ones, and the original honey is not adulterated. The traditional methods used to examine honey, which involves dissolving honey in water or placing it on the hand to see how much of a woman's wife is, is a waste of time, because the only way to detect cheating is to examine the honey in the laboratory

Facts you do not know about honey
And follow the specialist Crystal talk about the types of honey says: Sometimes we may see honey jar frozen in winter, and is characterized by colloidal as a sugar containing any high rates of sugar. This is not true at all, because natural honey is 100 percent, it is often formed within the next 6 to 6 months of harvesting polarized granules due to cold weather, and this is not proof that honey is foamed, or inside a lot of sugar, but is normal .

The colors of the honey are not indicative of its quality at all, although the black from the fields of oak or groove, is richer in antioxidants, and can not form the crystalline grains inside. While the honey of the lemon blossom, which comes viscous and light color, can be formed within these granules, which is also different in terms of shape and color, honey from the fields of thyme or lavender, and white honey taken from thorns.

Honey is not a magic cure
The specialist emphasizes Crystal, that honey is not magic in the elimination of diseases as many believe, but there are some recent studies that indicate the benefits of honey a lot, where it improves blood sugar levels with perseverance to eat, but not to exceed the amount consumed on one spoon per day . With the need to take honey with food, because the individual will absorb the body quickly, and thus lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar level.

Honey can cure certain diseases such as skin burns, or stomach ulcers.
Some studies point to the importance of honey to heart health. But the moderation in eating is the basis of one tablespoon a day, and the replacement of sugar with honey in the preparation of homemade sweets.