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How to take care of the child's health and maintain it

The child is considered the most expensive woman in her life. Therefore, the responsibility for caring for his health and all his needs rests with her. The child is always in need of care, care and attention to the child in order to be in good health free from diseases. In our article today, we will talk about how to look after the child's health. We will mention a range of ways that will help you, Madam, to take care of your child's health, because the health of the child always needs attention and follow-up until the mother avoids problems Unexpected. The health of the child since childhood is reflected in his health when he grows up, because children are exposed from birth to illness and health relapses because they are not immune yet, and it is the duty of every mother to be aware of the matter and be aware of what happens with the child permanently.

Before we address our current theme of how to care for and maintain a child's health, there is a comprehensive article on how to care for the health of the child, which deals in detail with all aspects of child health at all stages of its development. 

How to take care of the child's health and maintain it
The mother is the most people who deal with the child all the time. She is the one who bears the pain and the pain, and she also has to watch the child when playing at home to keep his health against accidents and injuries. This is because dealing with children is different from people who are in different age groups, because they need to be quiet and a lot of attention. Care for a child is one of the things that need a lot of time and careful consideration, especially if the child is newborn, because this child has a body of weak structure and small size, which makes the body of the child more sensitive than other bodies. And in this paragraph on how to take care of the health of the child and maintain it will review a set of tips that each mother to work to maintain and care for the health of her child. Every mother tries to provide her child with compassion and care, as well as to provide him with the necessary necessities. However, some mothers take care of their children with a set of wrong habits and do not realize how dangerous this is to the health of the child.

Here is my lady how to care for and maintain the child's health:
- Giving him good nutrition and health, and the mother to take care to breastfeed her son naturally.
You have to extend your baby two to two years of milk daily and dairy products because they help to form bones because they contain calcium.
- Teach the child how to wash fruits and vegetables well before eating, as well as washing hands before and after eating.
- In the event that if the child is suffering from pain should not be neglected, and you have to take him to the doctor to check on his health, and make sure to do the necessary tests.
- Avoid my lady giving the medicine a lot and a large child, because it weakens immunity and damage the organs of the body.
- The child must be used to sleep early, because sleep is comfortable and healthy for the child.
- Avoid leaving the child alone at home, because unexpected disasters can occur and the child is hurt.
- Wear appropriate clothing for the child, in the cold, you have to wear heavy clothes for your child not to be exposed to flu, flu or cold. If the weather is hot, wear some light clothing, and it is best not to expose the child to direct sunlight to protect him from sunburn and disease.
- The child must be taught ways to take care of the teeth, and the use of putty to prevent decay.
- Do not allow the child to sit in front of the television or computer screen for long periods, because that has many consequences, from stress to the eyes and the incidence of autism, becomes television or computer world and can not merge with anyone.
- It is best not to leave children eating outside the home or foods that do not know the source, because this would expose the child to many diseases.
- spare the child smoke cigarette, so as not to inhale the smoke and is experiencing crises in the chest or other diseases.
- You have to be careful that your child takes all the nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates and fluids.