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How to keep the body agility away from diseases

The creation of the human body for movement, exercise helps greatly to enjoy a healthy life and prevent the occurrence of symptoms of heart disease, blockage of the arteries, and some other diseases.
Regular exercise is a major factor in any diet, as any exercise will renew the body's circulatory system and burn the accumulated fat.
Sports activities should be performed at least three times a week, at home or in any place designated for sport. In other words, sports are body movements, cardio exercises, light activity at home and no time limit. .
In cases of obesity, it is advisable to consult a sports specialist, or start a light exercise at first, so that the body becomes accustomed to sudden activity.

Sleep or rest - diet for diet
  • It is possible to have a healthy diet and exercise, but there is no progress in weight loss, if not sleep well, the human age needs to rest not only for the process of reducing the rumen and abdominal reduction, but in general, lack of sleep and sleep causes secretion Some hormones are responsible for the fat block, as well as disorders in the nervous system and body organs in general.
  • Sleep is preferred daily from seven to eight hours, and the best time to sleep is between 10 pm and 6 am, where the mother is very harmful to the human body.
  • Do not prefer to eat and sleep directly, you should wait from one and a half hours to two hours, preferably no electronic devices at your side during sleep.
  • When waking up, try some muscle stretching, and do any movement for a couple of minutes, to help you feel active. Do not put a TV in the bedroom, just set the bedroom to sleep.

Positive thoughts of any diet for dieting
The psychological aspect of the weight loss process is of great importance, it may be more important than eating and exercise, what you are today is the responsibility of your thoughts, so to experience or any method of slimming must first not think negatively or hate your body, you should imagine your body The way you aspire to be, and put this image goal in front of you must be reached with patience and perseverance, what was formed in dozens of years will not go overnight.

Psychological preparation for weight loss
  1. In some cases eating is addictive, such as drug and alcohol addiction, and ways to quit bad habits require recognition of the problem, you must recognize that you have a problem to be resolved before it is too late because many people are going to lose weight when serious diseases require surgical intervention, You can start now before you get sick.
  2. Do not lose hope. When you follow and adhere to any diet, you get a fairly satisfactory result two or three weeks later, but after that the person goes through the so-called weight-stability period, the period when people lose hope, you should know that it is normal and my time, Must continue and do not surrender will see a satisfactory result after a period.
  3. Do not measure your weight every day. It is best to measure your weight every week or ten days. For example, if you measure your weight and find that you lost 500 grams in a day or two or lose nothing, it will cause you some kind of shock, But every ten days you will be delighted with the number that appears to you in the balance.