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9 tips to keep the child healthy so as not to get sick

The child always needs more care and attention to become healthy since his health is small and reflected in the old, it must be completed from the moment of birth, since the child from birth is exposed to the disease and setbacks in health because of weak immunity and many parents do not know what is happening to their children, Was the first child to them, so be careful about the health of the child and protect him from exposure to diseases that harm his health.

In this article we review ways to keep your child healthy.

- Leave the child alone:
 Also, be careful not to leave your child alone at home.

-Sleeping Early:
The child must return from early childhood to sleep early because of the great benefit to the body and health in general.

- Appropriate clothing:
The child must wear the appropriate clothing for the weather. Heavy clothes in winter and light in summer and do not prefer to be exposed to direct sunlight, especially the sun and the burning afternoon.

- Sit in front of the TV long:
 Do not allow your child to be present for long hours in front of the television and computer because it contains radiation harmful to the eyes and body.

- External food:
 Always make sure that your child does not eat outside or unknown food because it will make him vulnerable to disease.

- Smoking:
 When the father smokes, do not let him smoke in front of your child so as not to inhale smoke and have a crisis in his chest, which is called smoking, so that the child becomes a smoker as his father because of inhaling cigarette smoke.

- Sensitivity:
Some children suffer from allergies in some foods such as bananas, strawberries and mango, where allergy appears in the form of rash, tears, runny nose and difficulty in breathing, and in this case go to the hospital directly and consult with the doctor concerned, and the allergic reactions are in the form of rash and diarrhea Chronic constipation, vomiting and treatment here are avoided by eating.

- Asthma and diabetes:
There are children who suffer from asthma or diabetes and here should communicate with the school for children because of his presence most of the time there sometimes sometimes the child needs short-term care and medical care such as doses of antibiotics and children on the other need permanent medical care also enjoy the same rights In terms of admission to schools and participation in normal activities also, but sometimes need support and support, but there are cases of health can not be dealt with, but requires sending the child to schools equipped to receive these cases.

- cough:
Cough disease is a condition that is associated with most children and adults as well. The causes of pneumonia, croup, bronchitis, asthma, bronchitis and sinus infections are different. If your baby is suffering from high temperature, blood sputum or difficulty breathing with The presence of sapphires in the lung and heart immediately see the doctor concerned, and your child's grandmother suffers from mild cough can be treated at home by eating medicinal herbs such as bats and avoid cough medicines for children at the age of three years because of the containment of chemicals.