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6 Health benefits of plaques should be recognized

Plum is a fruit that is useful for health because it contains many elements useful for health, it contains potassium, which regulates the rate of blood pressure and contains a percentage of fluids that protect the body from dehydration, and many of the health elements we are presenting now, Daily to enjoy its many benefits.

  • Plum to protect the heart

Plum is characterized by one of the important potassium to regulate blood pressure and thus reduce the incidence of stroke, and also contains the important Antosyanin to protect the body from cancer and this is because it works to get rid of the hot cancer cells in the cells of the body and in its organs.

  • Dried Plums

Dried plums contain active substances and important fibers that help the intestines get rid of pain. Dried plum may be soaked in milk and placed in the refrigerator. A handful of dried plum is placed in boiling water, placed in a bowl and then completely covered. The refrigerator is then taken up to get an empty stomach.

  • Plum reduces the blood sugar

Scientific research confirms that plum increases the ability of the body to control the sugar in the blood, and thus protects the body completely from the risk of diabetes.

  • Plum to promote bone health

Dried plum contains a high percentage of calcium and vitamin D important to strengthen bones. Studies have shown that 100 grams of plum and 100 grams of apples are very important to strengthen bone after menopause experienced by women, it is very important to increase bone density after eating for 12 months , The results showed that apples and plums increase the rate of minerals needed by the body in the spine and forearms.

  • Plum improves memory

Plum contains the antioxidants that destroy the damaged cells in the brain, and thus increases the ability to remember and learn well, and the plum is rid of the hot cells that exist in the body and may affect the memory of the person, so it may be necessary to eat A bunch of plums daily to enjoy the many benefits it contains and leaves it on the body.

  • Plum increases the feeling of satiety

Plum contains the nutrients and minerals needed by the body and the proportion of fiber that increase the feeling of fullness and reduce the sense of hunger, so be careful to eat a bunch of plum daily feel full and reduce the proportion of other foods that may increase weight, so it may be considered a healthy diet to give the body Nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that enhance the health of the body and increase its resistance to serious diseases.