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Do a cardio exercise: It is a good and useful method if a person is serious about getting rid of these annoying fats, so that you continue to exercise for half an hour, and four or five days a week, this exercise is very effective in burning all the calories that It is found in the back area, and strengthens the back muscles, and these sports rowing, boxing, swimming, too, all of them are useful and work to perform the purpose well, as all studies indicate that it works to improve the proportion and rate of good cholesterol in the blood, The person is exposed to a disease Heart and arteries, improve triglycerides, and reduce osteoporosis as well, thus improving muscle mass.

Focus on muscle relaxation: by doing all the movements that work on the shoulders with the back, so that these exercises help to get rid of back fat and burning fat and calories, such as weight lifting exercises, but be careful to start lifting simple and non-heavy weights, Then gradually increase the size and weight of those weights.

Yoga practice: It is very useful to get rid of back fat completely, so apply daily to get the best results.

Healthy diet: Choose healthy, low-calorie diets to help reduce the appearance of back fat. With fewer calories. Eat fruits and vegetables daily. Avoid soft drinks.

Exercises to burn back fat
Extend the entire body to the ground and then lie down on the abdomen, and carry the weight of the dumbbell in each hand, so that the weight is proportional to the body weight and capacity, and then raise the right hand to the top and stability on this position for three seconds, followed by the left hand, and repeat the exercise forty times for each hand .

Sit on the edge of a seat, then bend the knees, put the palm of the hands on the edges of the hard seat, and then the waist down to the ground, and then lifted up, and continue to rise and fall for fifteen times, and repeat this exercise four times in a row.

Lying on the back with the knees bent, then carry the dumbbell in the hands, then lift the body up with the extension of the hands forward, and then round the hands to the upper chest and return to the first position, and repeat the exercise thirty times.

Stand upright and carry dumbbell weights by hand, then put the hand in the opposite direction of the other hand, then open the hands back to parallel shoulders, and repeat the exercise fifty times.

Tips should be followed to get rid of back fat
- Reduce the daily calorie intake, as well as exercise to burn back fat; in this way will lose one kilogram of weight and it strengthens the muscles of the back and heart muscle, and will become the back muscles smooth.
- Be sure to start eating vegetables and the authorities before eating directly; vegetables help to reduce calories in the body, and it gives a sense of fullness, which makes the person eat food containing fat in less.
- Take a cup of raisins before a meal, as raisins increase the feeling of satiety, and it provides the body with the necessary energy. Replace the white bread with brown bread (wheat) and rice with cereals and legumes, and the bulgur is an appropriate substitute for rice.
- Eat milk and dairy products in small quantities, so that they are free of fat, and should be eating meat without fat. Avoid high-calorie drinks, such as soft drinks, which should be replaced with green tea and natural juice.