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Tips to maintain lung health and improve breathing capacity

The human lung works tirelessly, despite its many harms. Therefore, the maintenance of lung health has become a necessity these days especially with the increasing level of pollution around the world. Perhaps the first and most important step to maintain lung health is to quit smoking, in addition to the use of some natural methods that improve the ability to breathe and maintain lung health, including:

Deep breathing is one of the best and easiest ways to improve breathing ability. Also, be sure to practice yoga daily and regularly.
2. Exercising any form of exercise can help you regulate your breathing pattern. You can practice swimming, jogging, or walking to improve your breathing ability.
3 - water treatment for many of the problems related to our bodies. Therefore, regular intake of water helps improve blood flow, which in turn keeps your lungs hydrated.
4. This may seem somewhat disgusting, but some foods such as garlic and onions help lower blood cholesterol levels and resist infection that may affect the lung.
5 - The hot compound found in pepper is also useful in improving blood flow and fighting infection.
6 - nuts and seeds rich in magnesium contribute to the maintenance of lung health and safety.
7. Eat citrus regularly. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and help the lungs to transport oxygen.
8. Similarly, vitamin C-rich gourd reduces the chances of lung disease, and the islands have the same characteristics and help fight disease.
Eat a cup of warm milk with a little turmeric daily. It helps fight infection and lung disease, and prevents you from getting colds.
10. Ginger is characterized by its anti-inflammatory properties that help rid the lungs of contaminants. You can eat it fresh or add it to the food. 

There are some simple ways that you can follow to practice your mind. For example, you can try taking different pathways as you go to work or wash your teeth with a hand that you do not use normally.

Solve puzzles and play strategic games because this kind of games inspires you mentally. You can also learn to play a musical instrument; all these activities have been linked to strong memory.

 Put your priorities in the development of serious relationships before becoming preoccupied with becoming a social person only. Treat yourself to people who enrich your life, make you happy, and practice self-openness, which means sharing the things that are distinctive to you (your thoughts, fears, movies, favorite music, causes of anger etc.) with those you trust; Only in the form of deeper interpersonal communication can you read Rutgers' article on self-openness in personal relationships.

Learn how to build a healthy relationship and be open to what you feel and try to understand the feelings of others and be determined to find compromises that satisfy all parties, and get out of the relationship immediately if you feel that you are in a relationship of control or authoritarian. It's best to stay strong on your own without being labeled an alleged companion.

Save time to stay in touch with your close friends; this does not mean sharing YouTube video on their Facebook page just now, so it's time to contact your close friends once a week if you live away from you. Save time every week to stop and meet them (even if you have a busy week or busy your family, etc.) if you live near them. Many studies show that people with extensive social contacts are sicker than those who do not. Friends make you laugh and laugh is also an important part of health.