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strongest exercise to lift the waist and burning abdominal fat

Do you suffer from the accumulation of fat around the waist and abdomen, we offer you in the Journal of the most powerful exercises for the waist, and this exercise helps to greatly tighten the waist and also contributes to burning fat accumulated in the abdomen and the area of ??fatty appendages in the sides.

Waist lift and abdominal fat burning
Waistline or Waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. In the ideal body, the waist is considered the narrowest part of the trunk. The waist area of ??a woman tends to be narrower than that of a man.

What distinguishes this exercise and its great effectiveness is the ability to work at any time and at home without the need for specialized sports clubs.

Waist Waist Demand All Women We offer you within this article the 3 most powerful ways to lose the waistline exclusively on the magazine Rajim, as we answer all your inquiry to reach a slim waist.

How can I get a slim waist? And decreased in the vicinity of my waist ?!
As long as the slim waist is a symbol of femininity and although each body has its own genes governing the body, but can improve the situation and get a beautiful waist through eating, sport and confusion.

The first way other than the nature of your
1. Prepare yourself to change your diet
You should get rid of excess weight as a first step to get the dream. It will not only be enough for sports, but there should also be a healthy diet that reduces the number of calories consumed. You should also have food intelligence when choosing to eat to lose waist circumference.

- For example, adding the whole grain of selected algae is a smart option because most studies have shown that it is very useful in weight loss.

- To get rid of 500 grams of any pound of your weight should burn 3500 calories and the descent of health is the amount of kilo per week

2 - Start your day with a balanced morning breakfast
The best thing you can do when you start a healthy diet for weight loss is to take care of a balanced, healthy morning breakfast. The morning breakfast will stir up the burning and make you burn more calories in the day as it slows down your sense of hunger.

- The best you can eat in the morning eggs. Whole grain bread Full-bodied bread Fruit full of benefits These choices are the best for a healthy breakfast.

- You should get used to drinking a large glass of water before breakfast and before all other meals This will help you to differentiate your body from hunger and thirst so help to make your body always wet.

 3 - Prepare snacks but more healthy and balanced
The best thing that makes you not to eat greedily is not to prevent yourself from eating for sporadic times, but the opposite is to organize foods that are not far apart and to be snacks and healthy and this helps to lose the body more and not subject to deprivation.

Snacks and snacks do not increase the speed of burning throughout the day and do not feel hungry, which may push you to eat anything and therefore fall in the failure of the diet system.

Splitting eating into 6 snacks is better than making them 3 main, so this makes you madam bear your dietary diet.

4 - Whole fat healthy
Some people delete fat completely from their own diet and this is the biggest mistake, the body needs healthy fats, which increase the chance of losing weight

Studies have also shown that eating lots of nuts such as walnuts, avocados or even chocolate can prepare you to accelerate the burning of belly fat.

Also, your daily calories should contain healthy fats, so you should add them to your account by up to 30%. We recommend you eat walnuts and fish such as sardines, salmon and olive oil