القائمة الرئيسية


Take some time to train on a musical instrument, work an art project, take pictures, build models, weld, bake bakeries, or anything else that enriches your spare time. Take evening or weekend classes if you want to learn something new and look for your hobby if you are not able to bring anything interesting in your head.

Try to avoid time-consuming activities such as browsing channels or updating a Facebook page if you are convinced that there is not enough time in your day to do any activities. You may be surprised at how much time you really spend in front of a screen while you can do other things.

Join a group or club where meeting people who share a common interest will get you out of your home and enhance your sense of belonging. Join a book club, sports team, walking group, or select a community newspaper to find a list of clubs in your area.

Learn how to understand your feelings. It is important to be aware of what you feel so you are able to recognize when you represent because of your feelings and sympathize with others more. Knowing yourself is an essential part of good mental health as it is important to know if there is something that bothers you and thus makes it better or easier to get out of your life. Similarly, it is good to know what to make you happy.

Go to a meditation group and learn how to focus your mind on positive things. Talk to a therapist who will help you arrange your feelings and record an emotional awareness session so that you learn to know, accept and understand your feelings.

Learn how to cope with emotional pain and how to deal with emotional abuse when necessary. Talk to a psychotherapist or someone you trust because accumulating your feelings will make your mental state more stray.

Boost your points of Karma. Doing good will alert you to a good feeling. When you spread positive energy in the universe, this positive energy will return to you. Improving the lives of others will also improve your mental state because you will know that you have done good for one.

Spend your spare time helping others If you have some spare time, you can volunteer in a soup kitchen or animal shelter, work in a community park or simply help a friend in some way.

Be aware of stress factors in your life. You can not avoid pressure. Whether you are late, trying to catch up with work or trying to get to a doctor's office, it is normal to feel stressed. However, you can reduce your stress and learn how to control your reaction to stressful things. Be aware of the things that push you and try to avoid these stimuli.

Avoid driving at rush hour if you are in a traffic jam, for example, or find a coffee shop near your office and relax before work if it means getting up early and going to work early.

Participate in activities that eliminate stress such as going to yoga or meditation classes if you notice that you have trouble relaxing at night. Go to the place of local yoga practice after work or class and learn how to focus your breathing so that you feel that all your stress has gone down.

Take a few moments a day to get rid of any stress you are experiencing and focus on the current moment and place. Take a moment to observe what's going on around you rather than worrying about something that happened in the past or planning for the future. Stop and literally tattoo roses and feel the warm breeze on your face and notice the formation of clouds above you and focus only on the things around you.