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Introduction to Health
Everyone tries to get the best health they can get. Some may not realize the simple things that can be taken into account, in addition to the healthy exercise and eating that is not enough to get enough health. Health is the most expensive thing a man has. Only those who have suffered pain, and the bitterness of medicines, and the night of the severity of the pains, so you must maintain health by doing all that benefits, and stay away from all that harms.

Tips for public health
One of the best ways to maintain health is to stay in a good mood. Life is not free of problems and worries, but giving it a large size and allowing it to disturb mood reduces productivity, reduces body immunity, and contributes to hormonal imbalance.

The constant movement and change in lifestyle, such as sitting long hours behind work offices, or behind the screens, these things increase the incidence of many diseases, so it is necessary to exercise and movement to stimulate blood circulation, which in turn activates all body organs and organs.

Drink enough water daily. The body is made up mainly of water, and its deficiency affects all vital processes in the body, so it is recommended to eat about eight glasses of water a day.

Health and disease prevention
Diseases are widespread, especially infectious diseases. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent disease. The most important of these measures is to maintain hygiene, washing hands with soap to get rid of germs, continuous bathing, eating healthy foods, especially fruits and It is necessary to drink water in sufficient quantities. It works to strengthen the body and fight infectious diseases. It is preferable not to go to crowded places in the event of any contagious disease. Stop smoking to reduce the incidence of lung and cancer diseases.

Maintaining mental health
Human health is divided into physical health and mental health. In order to achieve good health, the two parts must be maintained. They are linked together. To maintain mental health, one must adhere to the methods that lead to God's satisfaction, such as the obligation to perform the prayers in time, Charity, and all acts that are beloved to God. You must think positively and move away from the negative thoughts that invade the mind. You must move away from imitating others or following others. When a person is an independent personality, he is more positive and able to resist the pressures of life.

The importance of health and how to maintain it
Health is the most expensive thing that man has. Most of those who grow up with age are complaining about health. Good health is a source of happiness for the human being, which only feels its value. It must be preserved at the beginning by keeping away from one of the major pathogens nowadays. , Which suffers from many, and is the extra weight is one of the problems of the times, and causes many diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and diseases of joints and pressure, and should be constantly exercise and increase movement and activity, and eating healthy, and Avoid smoking and take preventive measures to keep away from infection Satisfied with various infectious diseases.