القائمة الرئيسية


Fatigue and tiredness of the natural conditions that feel after the human effort, and often disappear after a little rest and relaxation, but some people suffer from a constant feeling of fatigue and fatigue without knowing the real reasons behind the feeling that causes the owner Many problems persistently worsen as it affects his ability to continue to work, study or take responsibility in any location. He may be ashamed to declare that his problem is just laziness for fear of ridiculing others. He is forced to fabricate imaginary reasons and excuses that justify negligence in his work or absence from Study and its condition.

Causes of inactivity and fatigue
It is true that sleep is not the only reason. Although sleep is important and the body has enough sleep and rest, there are many other different causes that cause tiredness. And exhaustion of them:

Lack of exercise
Many believe that activity and movement leads to fatigue, and this is true when a person is doing hard work that needs a lot of effort, it is normal to feel tired, but can not exercise for this, so it is very important and necessary and must be maintained daily And regularly, so as to stimulate the circulation of blood circulation and organs and organs of the body, and enable them to perform their functions properly, and this in turn enables the human to exercise his day with the least possible fatigue.

Do not drink water
The natural and required is to eat at least eight glasses of water a day, so as to give the body sufficient moisture and protect it from the incidence of diseases and problems such as drought and blood volume decrease, and it is rich in a set of minerals and salts necessary for the body to perform its vital functions required.

Iron deficiency
Iron causes many functions of the body, such as the delivery of oxygen to the cells and various muscles, and increase the ability of the human focus, so when the level of this element in the body a little tired and inability to exercise its functions in a normal and healthy, thus must be maintained access to the body from food sources Different vegetables, meat and nuts.

Neglect breakfast
Breakfast is the main fuel for the body so that it can exercise normally, so that the elements obtained by the body to pump blood as well as oxygen to the cells and muscles, and thus the process of metabolism naturally, and reduce the amounts of food consumed the rest of the day and thus reduce Of weight, this meal is always recommended to be rich in bread, eggs, butter, and natural juice.

Anemia is a deficiency of iron and some essential vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and others are a major cause of the feeling of boredom and general fatigue, and the inability to exert any physical effort, showing the effects of dandruff and yellowing of the face and perspiration continuous after the work of any effort is very simple, The problem can be addressed by increasing the proportion of iron and vitamins by improving the diet with the supplements available in pharmacies, to compensate for the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body until it regains vitality and vitality quickly.