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Charcoal and apple vinegar or warm water with lemon .. may destroy tooth enamel!

Dr Ben Atkins, a dentist in Manchester and Secretary of the Oral Health Foundation, warned of some habits that some think are useful for teeth, but are actually more harmful than good, including drinking warm water with lemon every morning.

Lemon sprigs with hot water, can make the color of teeth more dark, but it can destroy tooth enamel as well! Dr Atkins added that practicing certain beliefs, such as using coconut oil around the mouth, was a waste of time. Dr Rona Iskandar, winner of the 2016 best dentist, said it would not give you a Hollywood smile.

These natural remedies, such as cleaning teeth with charcoal and apple cider vinegar, can do more harm than good. While removing surface stains, they can also cause tooth enamel destruction. The fluoride found in toothpaste, considered by Dr. Rona Iskandar is the main component of protection against decay, especially if you eat a lot of sweets and fruit.

However, opponents consider fluoride to be the cause of many diseases that can lead to diabetes and dementia, and call for fluoride-free alternatives.

They also warn against ingestion of fluoride due to the mucous membrane in the mouth, which allows absorption of these components in the body, but Dr. Iskander explained that this happens in the case of ingestion of large quantities.

In contrast, she explained that fluoride-free toothpaste products may remove stains, but will not protect the teeth.

Dr Rona also advised that if you want to drink warm water with lemon for other health reasons, you can drink it by using a straw, as well as chewing sugarless chewing gum to stimulate saliva, which slows the acids in your mouth.

Also stressed not to brush teeth after drinking hot water and lemon because this will help remove enamel teeth that are soft in this case, but advised people to brush their teeth with toothpaste before eating, to create a layer of fluoride protective against acidic foods.